Thursday, April 30, 2009


4 days of holiday.
a bliss.
everyone is going back home.
but not for me.
i already went back last weekend.
i still didnt start revising.
no comment.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a wasted morning.

a tuesday morning.
a lazy tuesday morning.
but have to wake up.
got assembly,
plus bm class.
a very lazy tuesday morning.
arrived at the maktab.
the assembly didnt start yet.
(too early la plak..)
parked the car.
walked to the field.
(they are renovating the hall la. have to stand. cis. nasib baik pagi.)
listen to all the 'blablabla'
good thing brought the psp.

my baby.
the bored-saviour.

assembly finished.
walked back to class.
just arrived at the class.

phone was ringing.
answered the call.
it was syark.

guess what?

'weyh, klas bm tade.'

a sudden rushed of anger.

walked back to the car.

a wasted peaceful morning.

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Monday, April 27, 2009

good to be home.~

evening people..

after a month ++
i didnt 'balik' perak..
finally i did..

it's good to be back home..
the best thing was,
my sister and my brother were also home.

it was definitely a BLAST..

these are my beloved mum and dad.
Abdul Rahim & Nooraini
this picture was taken after they went to 'Jom Heboh' in Lumut
on 25th of April 2009.
i didnt tag along because i just hate a very crowded place.
but both my mum and dad really look tired though.

and finally,
these are my sister,
Furzanny Nadya
and my lil' brother,
Muhammad Raimy.
dont they look mischievous?
this picture was also taken on the same day.

the not-so-good-part
when you're going back to your hometown
books will be left alone.
they are waiting
for you to grab them.
that will be the last thing you'll do.
(especially for me la. lalala~)

whatever it is,
you need a break.
at least i do.
i want to escape
all the pressure of studying
all the tensions of problems
the hectic life here.

it's good to be back.

peace out~


Thursday, April 23, 2009

two weeks more..~

exam is now around the corner..
+- 2 weeks more..
the laziness is fully taking control of everything.
the conscience is still there,
but not effective enough
for the mind to order the body to be hardworking..
excuses are made,
so the feeling of guilt,
is hidden away.
the fear for the consequences
of the laziness
is enough
to pressure the mind
to make the body to shiver.
it only exists for a certain moment.
and then,
it will fade away
as the result of ignorance.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

at last..~

i would like to introduce
one of my best buddies.
syafiqah insyirah.
we first became friends when i was in kmph.
kolej matrikulasi pahang.
and we remain friends ever since.
she's funny, crazy, loving, caring and the most important of all,
she's a good friend.

iqa n me.

the last time we met was on May 2008.
and after a long time..
we hang out on 19th of April 2009.
+- it has been a year since we last met.
it was not planned actually.
i was wandering around sungai wang,
when suddenly iqa text me.
she was on her way to low yat.
and so..
we hang out for the first time for this year.
it was such a crazy day when we're together.



Monday, April 13, 2009


This is Tablo.

Friday, April 10, 2009


little things
can affect your life.
the impacts are greater than most of the big events.

things that are trifles to you
might be something to others.
and vice versa.

what is normal for you
might be abnormal for others.
and vice versa.

bottled up feelings.
might change a harmless person
to become the most dangerous person.
if that person explode.

what the h**l am i talking about?

i dont give a d**n.

i dont really have the mood.

i just let my fingers controlled by my brain and my heart,
to 'meracau-ing'


peace out~


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

how far...?

revenge is definitely not a good solution.
it will only make things worst.
in my opinion.
if we are seeking for revenge.
we are prone to do the things that the bad person did to us.
it will be no difference between the bad person and us.
we are now as evil as they are.
our level will be exactly the same with them.

we are nothing but a monster.
we are nothing but a devil.

it will not change anything.

why am i talking about this?

i dont exactly remember the date
when i watched
confessions of a shopaholic.
what am i trying to say is not about that movie.
as i walked pass by a poster of another movie,
the movie's caption caught my attention.
i dont remember the movie's title.
but i guess it is a thriller or horror movie based on the caption.

"If a bad person hurt the person you love,
how far would you go to hurt them back?"

it made me think.
when somebody hurt the person that we love,
we might have done something that we never did before.
if hatred and revenge has fully taken control of our mind and heart.
we cannot distinguish between right or wrong anymore.
our mental is unstable.
our rationality is long gone.
the old us is dead.
and the new us was born.
the only thing that we can think of is
how to seek
how to crush the person that crushed those that we love.

"it's payback time.."

have you heard that before?

but how far would we go to hurt them back?

are we only going to make them suffer a little bit
so that they will learn their lesson?


if the circumstances are bad enough,
and we lost those that we love,
would we choose to be more aggressive?
would we KILL them??

we will never know..

when we are desperate,
when the time is running out,
when we think that we have no options left,
when we think that the laws could not punish them.

we will never know what we will do.

expect the unexpected.

an angelic personality could turn into a devil.
when they are pushed over the edge.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

long gone~

i love martial arts.
especially silat.
but since
i was not permitted to join sukma,
my frustration took over me.

and i have decided to left

something that used to be a part of me.
something that used to be my passion.
something that i love doing it.
something that i really put my effort in it.
something that was more important compared to my studies.
something that was on my top priority.

after a couple of years.
i tried to instil my passion by joining silat again.
but i think i failed.
i didnt try hard enough.
i didnt put much effort in it.

i dont know how.
it is hard for me.

i still remember.
during my school days.
silat was among the best thing at that time.
and it still is.

i forgot all my problems.
especially in study.
all i could feel was joy and happiness.
spending the time with my comrades.
together doing our best 
and give it all out
to achieve our goal,
to win the competition.

pure bliss.

i wish i could experience that again.

This is my last time, form 5.
The best ever.

mentally unstable~

evening people..

nothing much to say.
lot of things happened lately,
things that are sweet,
and things that kinda sour.
but this is life.
life must go on.
there is no time to 'give up'.
live life to the fullest.

i dont know exactly the reason why
kema, mina and me
kinda mentally unstable.
we were laughing out loud.
made jokes.
stupid jokes to be exact.
we know,
deep inside,
that we're kinda intelligent,
either in IQ, EQ or SQ.

but we did have a blast.
although for a moment.
a moment that will be a memory.
a memory that will last.

peace out~


Monday, April 6, 2009


there must be reasons of why human were created not perfect.

i always feel that,
we are not perfect because we need others to make us feel perfect.
that is why we have family, bestfriends, lover, friends etc.

if we are created perfect in every way.
i dont think we need them.
we could do almost everything on our own.

then life would be flawless.
as it is full of perfection.

life would be boring for me.

every single person that we met,
those that we love,
those that we lost,
are the pieces of our own puzzle.
each and every one of them
holding the pieces that were missing.
they will 'complete' us
make us a 'perfect' human being.



according to oxford advanced learner's dictionary
survival means
"the state of continuing to live or exist."

when we heard the word 'survival'.
i am sure that most of us will be thinking for example, war.
but war is not the only issue that needs survival.

in life,
there are so many things that we have to survive in order to live.

if we are students.
we have to survive our school days
and obtain good result
so that we can enroll in our dream colleges or universities.

we have to survive the diploma's years, degree's years, matriculation's years etc.

then comes the working world.
where we are going to face real people
with real attitudes.
sometimes dealing with people are troublesome.

we also have to deal with the workloads.

we will also face the problems of our own.
family matters, relationship issues, financial crisis.

comes to family.
there are lots more.

problems and conflicts are face by every single soul that live in this world.
everyone has their own worries for sure.

it depends on how we deal with the issues.

if we start to run away instead of facing and solving the problems.
we will keep on running for the rest of our lives.

living is a survival.

what i realize is that as we grow older,
there are a lot of responsibilities waiting for us.

the definition of life depends on how we look at it.
it may vary from a person to another.

but live life to the fullest
and never take things for granted.

appreciate every single breath that we breathe.
because we will never know when we will stop breathing.

appreciate those who has always been there for us.
who never fails to pick us up whenever we fall.
who always cheer us up whenever we are feeling down.
our family.
our bestfriends.
our friends.
those that we love dearly.
because we will never know
when God starts to take back those that He lent us.

we have examinations in schools, colleges, universities and even in the working world right?

difficulties and challenges in life are just another form of examinations.
God tests us often and for every pain.
there are times when the 'exams' are to hard
and we are down.
we feel like everything is going wrong.

just remember that all the hard times
are just God's way to make our spirit strong.
so that we can survive any challenges in the future.

that is what i called 'survival'.
able to face anything.

even admit the mistakes that we have done.
need courage.

peace out~

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