Thursday, July 23, 2009

time is running out..

lots to be done..
ignorance can lead to something unpleasant..
if we are not aware of the people around us..
during the hectic life we've been going through..
there might be some things we take for granted..
especially those who are closed with us..
when we realize that things are not the way it used to be..
perhaps it was too late..
it is too late to mend the broken parts..
leaving scars..

it is hard for me to say the right things..
the truth to be exact..
as it might hurts the hearts..

Sunday, July 12, 2009

11 July 2009

it's already 1.00 a.m..
sunday that is..
12 july 2009
but i want to wrote about what had happened yesterday..
11 july 2009

i had lunch with my super-best-friend-ever..
location : KLCC
the usual place we hang out..
because it's among the nearest to her place..
we did not watch movie..
like we used to..
beacause tak sempat..
i had to meet with my parents that evening..
so we just had lunch and chit chat a lil bit..
apart from jalan2 sampai kaki lenguh..

this Converse sneakers..
there's a story behind this baby..
but i cant find the right words
to put all the sentences together
to tell the tale..
but it's one of the things that made
11 july a very dramatic day..hehe.
definitely memorable..
among the greatest day ever..
one thing for sure..
i really love my new sneakers..

Thursday, July 9, 2009


it was such a long time since i wrote anything here..
to be honest..
apart from being busy..
i feel it's kinda hard to express anything these days..

life does not always shine throughout the day..
rain does come especially on the most unexpected time..

i always feel that it would be easier to run..
from all the things that hurt..
from all the things that are hard to solve..
but it will only makes me a coward..
as only a coward will run
from difficulties in life..
where bliss and happiness
awaits for those who remains patience.

truth is indeed sometimes give more pain than any lies that exist..
but a lie will only create another lies.

is the most important thing for every relationship that exist in this world..
without trust there will never be faith..
we always thought we knew the people around us
especially those that is closed with us..
but how well do we understand them?
do we really know their hearts?
do we really accept them as who they were and who they are?

gotta be strong to keep holding on~

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