Thursday, August 20, 2009

i've got punk'd.

that is my phrase throughout the entire week.

how to start..

during my 20th birthday celebration, my birthday is on the 18th of august.
but we're celebrating it on 19th of august because we've got a hell of work to do.
actually, we're supposed to have just 'dinner' together as to celebrate my birthday.
also the fact that we're rarely hang out together lately because of our hectic schedule.
suddenly, our coordinator called me.
she said that there's a problem with the name on my birth certificate with my name that had been registered in the QUT.
the names doesn't match.
so i will not get my letter when my friends receive theirs.
i might have problem when we're going to make our passports and visas and whatever.
and there's possibilities i can't fly next year if it can't be resolved.
i was okay at the beginning.
but my friends were being too ''supportive''.
n they kinda pissed me off with their words.
after a long 'hindustan' scene with kejar- mengejar.
there's videos that recorded all the events.

thanx to syeena, becky, far, wanie, khema, asni, ajat, lalia n chuten.
and thanx also to ma'am amyzar.
who's the real mastermind of this prank.

for the best prank i ever got as long as i live so far..

heart them.~

'terbaek la wey'


p/s : tp kire dorg tak terer gak la nk knekan ak smpai mintak tlg lecturer.lalala~

the 'Gotcha cake'

the babes.

the blow.

my angels.

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