Saturday, November 21, 2009


14th November 2009

it can be said as one among the best days in my life..

my dream (short term dream ;P) has finally come true!!

NIKON D5000.
my new obsession (duhh..) for this december!

i always love photography..

"photo can say a thousand words"

and as for me..
the meaning of a photo is different from one person to another..

filling the free..~

it has been a long, long, long time since the last time i updated my blog..
to be honest i don't really feel like updating it..
as i don't write to write about sad things...
i admit..
a lot of things did happen..
although i'm not the person who experienced it..
it happened around me..
to those i called my friends..

is there anyone who

likes being stuck in the middle..?
likes to take sides..?
likes to see their friends not in a speaking term with each other..?

i know that this is life..
it has the ups and downs..
but i wonder if there really a person like that..

one thing for sure..
at least i am sure of..
everyone will get hurt..
and feel the pain..
the unspeakable..
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