Wednesday, June 24, 2009


today is my 3rd day of this new sem..
feel like years tho..
some things did happen..
but i rather not to mention it here..

i'm back in kl..
back to my hectic life here..
my sister is not going to go back to uia..
she'll be going to malacca..
finishing her final year..
thank God i still have shasha..
in case i want to run away from here..

i'm kinda frustrated..
my childhood friends..
which i have known since primary school..
they are all still in manjung..
mau join mereka..huhu.

yesterday night..
they hang out..
without me of course, since i'm here..
but they thought i'm still in manjung..
so they ajak2 kluar la..
the funniest part was..
the sms from syafiq..
it sounded like this..

"farhana, zaliza ajak kluar. nanti pkul 8.15 aku amik kau."

then i replied..

"meh la amik ak kat kl."

i feel very 'geram' la with them..
why la that night..
why not the night before..

and today..
all of them went for jamming..
the boys would be the one of course..
and the girls would act like managers for them..

spending the day with the whole lot..
it's so enjoyable..
so much fun..
it's hard to believe that we could still be friends and hang out together until now..
back then..
we were children..
who likes to play..
it's pre-adulthood..
we've grown more mature..
which create differences in so many things..
but we still remain friends..
and i should be grateful for that..

i really miss them..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

kenduri kendara..

holidays are normally full with kenduri..
am i right?
i just got back from 1..
it's my cousin's..
as i said earlier in my previous post..
i had to go there by bus because i'm going to 'ceramah pra L' for car..
since there are no buses from manjung that go straight to taiping..
i had to go to ipoh first..
my bus was at 4.30 and i arrived in ipoh around 6.20..
i took the bus from ipoh to manjung at 6.30 and arrived around 8..
what a tiring journey..
but it's worth it..
family first maaaa...
the kenduri was a blast..
i even got a scandal over there..
thanks to my sisters la..
kak nony, kak yong and kak oya..
but i'm not going to tell u guys about it..hahaha.

this saturday..
my old friend's sister is going to get married..
another kenduri to go..

i'm getting bored stay at home actually..
i want to work but there are few consequences i have to think about..
i want to do the assignment..
but i forgot where i put the assignment sheet together with the book of reading..
kak yong!!
where the h**l you put that book..
i'm doomed.
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