Thursday, February 18, 2010


there's a friend of mine asking me what is the meaning of
"ma meillieure amie"
it means
"my best friend"
which refers to my own angel,

apart from my family..
i do miss her a lot.

classes start next week..
my class start on tuesday up till friday..
i hope it remains that way. :P

to be honest..
i do feel really afraid to go to classes.
i am very not confident in speaking english with the locals here.
i dont know why.

but i'll try my best.
because you wont know until u try it out right?

so i hope everything will be fine next week.

all the best to all of us!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Almost a week..

These few days had been like a dream..
i still can't believe that i'm finally here in australia.
or brisbane to be exact..

Since now is summer..
there were some times when the weather is damn hot
and it made me said like this,
"panasnye silap..australia.."

and here in brisbane..
the time is two hours early than in malaysia..
if i want to call my family or my friends..
i have to double check the time so i don't disturb them.
but usually i just 'hentam'..hehe

in short..
so far so good..
here i need to manage my money wisely..
if i want something, i'll have to think twice..
especially to the things that are related to 'GADGETS'..
oh well..
i made up my mind..
i want to travel as long as i'm here..
so my so-called-needs (gadgets to be exact) are not my priority for this 2 years..
it's hard tho..haha.
but i think i'm strong enough to restrain myself.hehe.
so far i did succeed.. :P

i miss everything i left in malaysia.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


i'm exhausted now..
after two sleepless nights..

kinda bored too.

Monday, February 1, 2010

1st feb 2010

since the time is 2.19 a.m. (currently)
1st february 2010.
the first day of the second month.

on the second week of this month,
a new journey.
a new beginning.

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