Saturday, March 20, 2010

not-that-free time

it's been a longggg time i didnt write..
my new year resolution didnt work out it seems..
it's not that i dont want to write..
i have quite some free time..

i'll try to write more often from now on..
we'll see about that..huhu

i can't believed myself that it has been a month plus i've stayin here..
apart from the shops closed early..
damn early i would say..
it somehow show that they give their family and friends high priority..
which is good.
that's brisbane.

my area is some sort of suburban..
i love the sky here.
the view from my window in my room amazed me..
especially during sunrise and sunset..
whenever i go somewhere,
i always am amazed by the sky..
~Allah the Almighty~
it's unlike kl where i rarely see the blue sky..
with the clouds..

i find myself regularly sleep early tho..
it's something that i'm not used to..
hahahahaha. :)
perhaps because subuh is around 4.30..
if i dont sleep early it would be hard to wake up..
i dont want to solat subuh malaysia's prayer time.. :)

actually i have to work on my assignments..
there are three of them..
if i'm not mistaken, all of them due at the same week..
~strength needed please~
i'm a follower of the "Theory of Urgency"
i dont know who actually came out with that theory..
but i do find it interesting..

no fnar.
you have to change.'s difficult to throw away bad habits.
~go fnar go~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

it's been a long time~

as the headline goes..
it is indeed a long time i didn't update my blog..
it's not because i dont want to..
it's because i dont really know what to write..

things are gettin better..
maybe it's because the tensed from the heaps of assignments have not reach me yet.. :P
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