Wednesday, January 27, 2010


yesterday was definitely awful.
the body temperature increased
and the worst part of all.
frequently sneezing was indeed tiring.
plus feeling like there's something blocking the nose.
it's a wonder the appetite grown in that condition.
the tummy demanded to be fed.

11.15 p.m.
"food-hunt-mode activated."


found maggie mee and nuggets.

mission accomplished.

the best part?
mom offered to cook.
sit and wait.
truth finally revealed.
dad and brother also hungry.

cause known : raining. :P

tummy full.
a bliss.
thanks ibu. :))

12.30 a.m.
called shasha.
after one hour.
suddenly hung up.
ohh..celcom was mean.
credit balance : RM 0.01
feel a lot better
even the flu keep on attacking.
never failed to cheer me up.
that's my bestfriend.
a sister to me.

Monday, January 25, 2010


time is ticking..

15 days left.

while packing some stuff,
the heart feels uneasy
and let
the luggage half packed.

Friday, January 22, 2010

it's already past 12..
so now is 22nd January 2010.
which means there are 18 days left
before i leave ayah, ibu, kak yong, amy, shasha, iqa,
all of my relatives and friends
in order for me to pursue with my study
keep on living this life
in australia for another 2 years time.
some said to me that 2 years is a short time.
yes, indeed.
it is a short time.
but a lot of things can happen within that time.
i do feel scared.
but i am sure that i am not alone in this matter.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It's coming..

+- 29 days to go..

Friday, January 8, 2010


things are upside down
for one reason.
in order to make the heart goes strong,
God gave difficulties.

a person only sees the negative impact of all the bad things
that happened to him.
little did he know,
once he get through of all the difficulties.
he will never ever be the same person again.

difficulties and problems,
will give us experiences.
with experiences,
we will become wiser.
as we become wiser,
we will never make the same mistakes
we will understand most of the things in life
and we know how to handle the situation effectively
if the same problem reoccur.

whether to take it positively or vice versa,
the decision is up to you.
the environments might influence your moods.
your friends might influence your thinking.
your family might influence your mind.
but the power to make a decision about yourself
and what will you do next
is only you.

the one to decide what kind of person to be,
the one to decide what kind of actions to take,
the one to decide how to behave,
the one to decide what to believe in,
the one to decide whether to abide or to break the rules,
the one to decide who to befriends with,
most of the thing in life,
the power is on
although sometimes,
there are things that are beyond our control.

please don't blame others if things didn't work out smoothly.

look in the mirror.
watch closely.
see the person that stares back at you and think.

is it the person that you wish you become?
is it the person that you never thought you would be?
is it the person that you once swore you will never be?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

the heart.

when the heart does not feel at ease..
it feels like there is something not quite right..
something about someone whom is trusted deeply..
although the heart try to deny it..
but day by day,
the heart begin to accept.
and deep down,
the heart starts to say to the mind,

"perhaps it does make sense.."

maybe now it is the time
for the heart to open these eyes,
and see things that were once blinded.

don't put someone a priority in your life,
when you, yourself, is just optional.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

oh today~

yesterday night was a blast.
right after from malacca,
we're headin to Jln TAR.
it was totally unplanned.
my mum want to buy curtains for our new house.
and my brother and i used that golden opportunities to do some shopping.
both of us spent almost rm100+ that night for 9 t-shirts.
5 for my brother and 4 for me.
(oh kak yong, wish you were there also because i belanja amy 2 t-shirts)

today is sunday.
3rd January 2010
and i am still here at home
while most of my friends
are going back to their universities, colleges and whatsoever.
minus today,
i only have 37 days left.
the time is running out.
(cehh..ciplak from muse's song)
i'm trying to spent it wisely.
but so many things i want to do.
instead it seems like so little time left.
i don't think i am able to meet everyone before i go.
that is sooo dissapointing.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

peace yo!

now it's 12 p.m.
im sooooo damn sleepy..
last night i slept around 5.11 a.m.
i'm changing the layout of this bloggy to make it looks updated..
let just say it is one of my new resolution for this year..

apart from that,
another reason was i'm texting my bestest gal, shasha.
i don't know why that night suddenly we had so much to talk about.
'merepek' to be exact.
it's fun, fun and fun.

and the result is right now i am sooooooo damn freakin sleepy.

padan muka kau fnar.

13th January 2010 which falls on Wednesday.
i'll be headin to KL.
we have our pre-departure briefing at putrajaya.
and why it is just one day only?
hey, hey, hey.
looks at the bright side.
at least you wont stuck with three days full of ceramah.
ya, ya, ya.
i guess so.

a peace life is indeed boring.
so sometimes boring means that your life is in peace.
it is not hectic.
and that is exactly what i've been living right now.
nothing to do.
lazy, lazy, lazy.
it will goes on throughout january.

ohh, dear february..
do i really need you in my life?

A New Beginning..

a new year..
a new beginning..

this year will be totally different..
as february comes..
i'll be leaving
the country which i have been living for 20 years..
leaving my family, my besties and my friend behind..
although i will be going for only 2 years..
it seems so long..

i pray that i will have enough strength
to face any kind of challenges there..
at the same time..
i do feel excited, anxious,
a compilation of feelings
mixed together
to face the unknown..

but leaving your loved ones are so damn hard dude!

my family.
my another sister a.k.a my best gal
my kimia (chemistry) gal
and definitely
all my friends out there.

i remembered one of iqa's joke..
it kinda sounded like this..

"fnar, nanti kau dah kat sana jgn call ak nangis-nangis."

anyway iqa..
tak kira.
aku nk jugak.
peduli apa aku.
i really really gonna miss all of them.
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