Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Time passed by

It definitely won't wait

It runs so fast

So fast

Until I cannot follow

Sometimes I wish I could make it stop

To allow me to take a moment to breathe

Saturday, April 17, 2010

byron bay

went to byron bay.
it's not as superb as stradbroke island.
but the view.
oh mann..
it's beautiful.

while on the bus,
i was stunned by the beauty of the beach.
i quickly grabbed my camera.
thanks to far.
she blocked my view.
and by the time she allowed me to take pictures..
the trees already blocked the view as well.
actually she's kinda 'merajuk' with me.
she was talking to me and asking me something..
but halfway through,
i heard najat or kim or becky,
either of them at the back,
called my name.
so i turned back and talked to them.
so she's upset and suddenly she turned and talked to the window.
sorry babe.
i thought they called me just for a while.
so i have to keep my attention at her all the time
to make it up for what i've done earlier.

although there's only 9 of us joined this trip.
and ash was the only guy.

we still had fun.

Friday, April 16, 2010


Feels like something is missing.

I hope it's just me.

Ya Allah.
Tenangkanlah hatiku.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


on one cold, lazy evening.
trying to complete CLB452 assignment.
the brain tried so hard to think.
but it seems the mood was in control of the brain.
the mood prevented the brain to think.
the brain could not make up any educational sentences.
and the brain started to wonder.
caught in a daydream.

4.04 p.m.
the phone beeps.
the eyes searching for the phone.
the brain started to think,

"where the hell i put my phone?"


"there is it."

the hand reached for the phone on the bed.

"1 new text message"

the heart wondered who could be sending a text at this hour.

a little bit excited.
eagerly open the text message.

"Fnar!buat apa tu?mkn cekodok ke ptg2?hehe.rindu!"

a text from Iqa.

a simple one.
but simple enough to touch my heart.

could not stop smiling.
and the finger pressed the keypad to reply.

and hell yeah,
i do get excited when receiving unexpected text.
especially from those in Malaysia.
much more from those i love.

thanks for the text.
wish you all the best for your upcoming exam.
i'll always pray for your success dear.

~Syafiqah Syiqoq Insyirah~

Saturday, April 10, 2010

it's 4.38am.

as the headline goes.
now it's 4.38am.
i'm suprised i'm still awake at this hour.
usually it's my dreamland time.
did i mention i already used to sleep early? :P
n yeah.
m trying to complete my assignments.
but i found it's hard to do so.
i cant focus.
even to do at least one paragraph would take me a long time.

tomorrow there would be a MASCA futsal match.
But i havent make up my mind whether to go or not.


Friday, April 9, 2010

Converse Crazee

Before this,
not really interested with Converse.
I'm crazy for Adidas.
I only have one sneakers for Nike.

Last Monday, 5th March, went to Harbour Town.
I was thinking of looking for a new Adidas sneakers.
Because both of my two sneakers here are Converse.
Kinda miss my Adidas sneakers in Malaysia.

To go to Harbour Town from my place.
First take a bus from QUT Kelvin Grove to Roma Street.
Estimated less than 10 minutes.
Take the train from Roma Street to Helensvale.
This is 'hell'.
It's +-1 hour duration.
If the train packed with people,
In my mind, i was thinking,
"apsal nk pegi harbour town ni.."
Take another bus from Helensvale to Harbour Town.
Finally arrived.

Stepped out of the bus,
Gonna crossed the road.
Dizzy of the long changing rides.
Onced already in Harbour Town,
became full of energy and refreshed.

In Malaysia,
if going to any Levi's store,
just looking around with no intention of buying.
Out from Levi's store with a Levi's plastic bag.
Not just one jeans,
but TWO.
(Ohh..not's my friend..haha)
At that time there's a "buy one free one" promo.

At that time,
I was not really in the mood of shopping.
Just looking for a new sneakers.

Stepped into Adidas Factory Outlet.
Wandering around.
Target locked.
Oh mannn
Why there's pink in that shoes? =__="
Still wandered.
Target locked again.

Wait first.

Stepped into Converse.
As i said before,
my intention was for Adidas.
So i was looking for long-sleeve shirts.


as i walked through the dark lane *hyperbola*


There she was,
waiting for me to pick her up.
Beautifully in black, gold and a little bit of red.
Fall in love the moment i grabbed it.
So light.
Really2 freakin light.


Should i take this one or the other one?

As i'm not fond of blue.

Bubbye Adidas.
Till we meet again.huhu.

And hello
Converse Lady Weapon Mid.

A friend of mine once nagged me about my sneakers obsession.
For her,
It's boyish and not ladylike.
She said i already have too many sneakers.

My reply?

"My obsession with sneakers are similar to your obsession with heels.
So what's the different?"

Oh well.
I still don't care. :P

Introducing.. (bunyi drum)

Converse Lady Weapon Mid

And my other two lovely Converse sneakers. :D

Oh yeah..
I'm Lovin it.



Some thinks it’s as simple as point it at anywhere,

press the shutter and wala..

You got the picture.


I used to think similar to that.

But after spending some time doing some research and getting involved in this field,

I find it’s not as simple as that.

You don’t simply capture it, but you create it.

I don’t remember where,

I heard that photography is how you view life and you surrounding.

How you view the world.

As I browsed into my own personal album,

Through the memory lane,

Some photos make me feel amazed with Allah’s creation.

Some photos make me wish I could turn back time to be in that moment again.

I could feel the emotions and the moods lingered in the photos.

I could feel the warm and happiness.

Only Allah knows what I really feel when I looked into the photos.

“A photo can say a thousand words,

But it can’t say the million words I want to say.”

(Photos, by Ryan Cabrera)

Photos are one way to freeze time,

to capture the memorable and lovely moments,

the one that you would wish it will last forever

p/s : entry mengarut dikala bosan membuat esemen. cheerio~ :)
There's a point in life
when you get tired of chasing everyone
and trying to fix everything.
But it's not giving up.
It's realizing that you don't need certain people and their crap.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

loved ones.

Loved ones.
Those that you love.

Loved ones.
It doesnt have to be a boyfriend.

Loved ones.
Who means the world.

Loved ones.
Its not how many years spent together.
but its how many time they catch you when you fall.

Loved ones.
Can brighten up your cloudy day.

Loved ones.
Used to be a stranger.

Loved ones.
Available anytime you need them.

Loved ones.
Wont belittle your small tiny dream.

Loved ones.
Know to say the right things at the right time.

Loved ones.
See the imperfection perfectly.

Loved ones.
Will say "Tell me the truth"
Whenever you say everything is fine when its not.

Loved ones.
Will reach for you no matter where you are.

Loved ones.

da tade idea..

okayy..entry merepek kerana bosan. :P

btw, tengs to all my loved ones in my life.
you know who u are.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


soon it's going to be mid sem break.
we're off for a week as it seems.
it may sound like a holiday for most of us..
not for me.
i'll be busy dating with my beloved 'boyfriends'..
there are three of them.
so it would be difficult for me to juggle my time to ensure that each and everyone of them get the same attention and time.
it would make them feel appreciated and not being neglected.
it's hard for me to divide my time for that.
what a commitment i need to give.
i should also consider my needs and my own space.
i also have those okayy..
i need to fulfill my own needs and pampered myself.
perhaps i'll consider myself more than my own 'boyfriends'.
sorry boys.
i just realize that i'll also need to consider another 'friend' of mine that require the same needs, attention and love like my three 'boyfriends'..

what to do..
what to do..

so many things..
but seems like so little time..

oh Mr CLB320, Mr EDB006, Mr CLB452..
i would spend my holidays with you guys..
and for Mr EDB350..
you have to wait for a while okay..
i need to give my priority to these boys first..

assignments oh assignments..

oh yeah..
i was talking about assignments..
what do you think i was talking about earlier mate?

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