Monday, July 26, 2010

hope that i'm wrong

feels uneasy.
there's something wrong.

i can see the damage.

i do hate my instinct.
never been wrong so far.

something not good is about to come.

this is bad.

*pray to Allah*

Saturday, July 24, 2010

toys and me :)

today i went out with yana and mas.
they're looking for some storybooks for their story-telling unit..
and i was just messing around
looking for one thing
that i've been searching for throughout last semester..

so we went to target, some bookshops n some TOYS store..
i capitalised the word 'toys' there..
because some people always give me
'the-unbelieveable-annoying' look
whenever i go into the toys store and hold some stuff..
some..not all..
oh yeah..i'm a girl and so what?
have a problem with that, deal with it.
immature you say?
i'm proud to have that childish part of me.
btw, my gadgets, my games..those are my toys also fyi.. :P
and i'm always thanksful that i've been with people who always 'layan' my hobbies..
you're the best guys !
you know who you are.. ^^
i'm sorry that what i'm interested with is not the same with you.
i respect yours.
and i hope at least you could respect mine.
thank you very much.

shut up fnar.
back to the story.

i was looking for a mini cooper replica.
preferebly 1:24 but i wouldn't mind a bigger size.



after a few toys store..
*yana and mas really know king george square damn well*

and i found the one..
it's slightly bigger..
*the vintage one which i adore*
but the most important is it is RED.

oh mann..but the price is a bit over my budget..huhu
plus i'm extremely broke at the moment..sigh..

i asked the guy if they have a smaller one..
and the guy said no..
but he said they have the 1:24 of the newer version of mini cooper..
so he showed me the one he was talking about..
it's the mini cooper cabrio..n it's blue..
i love the cabrio..
it's blue.. =.=
smaller n much cheaper than the red one..

after much consideration..
especially about budget..
i bought the blue cabrio..

i'll wait for my next allowance and get myself the red old cooper..

it's a must !
*next mission*

while i was searching for the cooper,
mas and yana help me through..thanks babes !
and they found a hot wheels version of it.. *terharu*

it was a blast..
and it had been a long time since i enjoyed myself in a bookstore..
heyy..i did buy a couple of books..errr.. :P

i'm pretty freaking broke.
no joke and this time i'm serious about it.

i love it. <3
the yellow cute mini is the hot wheels version..
*thanks to mas and yana :)*

bila ym pengikat persahabatan :)


this is an extract of my ym with iqa..
saje suka2 nk letak since tak tau nk letak apa..
bila baca balik kelakar pulak.. XD

Iqa: babe
fnar_kaizho: iqa !
Iqa: sorry2
Iqa: aku asek ada hal je
Iqa: what time sana?
fnar_kaizho: it's okay la babe..
fnar_kaizho: skrg da pukul 1.15..
Iqa: oh
Iqa: tak tido lagi?
Iqa: kau sehat?
Iqa: sumpah aku rindu kau
Iqa: kalau byk duit aku fly skg jugak pegi jumpa kau
Iqa: betul!
fnar_kaizho: 1.15 petang la syg !
fnar_kaizho: hahaha
fnar_kaizho: ak pon rindu kau jugakkk
Iqa: eh eh
fnar_kaizho: nk balik malaysiaa
Iqa: hahah
fnar_kaizho: waa
Iqa: bila balik?
fnar_kaizho: ak balik bulan 12 ni kejap..
fnar_kaizho: kau free tak time tu??
Iqa: berapa minggu
fnar_kaizho: paling kejap..sebulan..
Iqa: okay2
Iqa: aku cuti
fnar_kaizho: maybe mid jan ak balik sini balik dah..
Iqa: kalau aku dtg perk pun bole je
Iqa: okay2
Iqa: *perak
fnar_kaizho: ak turun kl pon buleh..
fnar_kaizho: haha
Iqa: haha
fnar_kaizho: kau ape cerita?
Iqa: ha okay2
fnar_kaizho: ada baek?
Iqa: banyak sangat cerita babe
Iqa: tak baik sgt
fnar_kaizho: ak suka byk2 cerita..haha
fnar_kaizho: kenapa?
Iqa: tapi tak sempat2 nak cerita kat kau
Iqa: aku mcm sakit lately
Iqa: diorg kata muka aku muka pnt + pucat
Iqa: aku takut aku sakit je
fnar_kaizho: haishh..ada pegi jumpa doc tak?
Iqa: tak ada
Iqa: tak cukup rest je kot
Iqa: jumpa doc kang dia tanya aku sakit apa, aku mana la tahu nak jawab
Iqa: weh,
Iqa: rindu kau
Iqa: ish
Iqa: aku rasa nak nangis pulak skg
Iqa: rindu kau sgt
fnar_kaizho: nanti kalau doc tu tanya kau sakit apa
fnar_kaizho: kau ckp kat doc tu
fnar_kaizho: "kalau sy tahu takde la sy dtg jumpa doc"
fnar_kaizho: muahaha
Iqa: hahah
fnar_kaizho: woish..
Iqa: kau ckp pandai kan skg
fnar_kaizho: ak rindu sgt jugak..
fnar_kaizho: haha
fnar_kaizho: dulu ak tak pandai ckp ke?
fnar_kaizho: haha
Iqa: pandai gak
fnar_kaizho: weh nanti ak balik kau wajib jumpa aku
fnar_kaizho: haha
Iqa: dengan kaki kaki sekali kau ckp
Iqa: ye
Iqa: promise!
Iqa: aku sanggup ponteng nak jumpa kau kalau ada class haha
fnar_kaizho: kau pon pandai ckp ngn kaki jugak..
fnar_kaizho: kita kan sekaki
fnar_kaizho: aha
fnar_kaizho: haha
Iqa: hahahah
fnar_kaizho: aku join ko masuk kelas
fnar_kaizho: haha
Iqa: babi la fnar mata aku dah berair
Iqa: sat
Iqa: aku mandi sat
fnar_kaizho: alaa
fnar_kaizho: ak join nangis jugak kang nie
fnar_kaizho: huhu
Iqa: kang melalak kat sini rumate aku nampak, tak macho la
Iqa: hahah
fnar_kaizho: aicehh..
fnar_kaizho: haha
fnar_kaizho: okeh2..
Iqa: jangan la
fnar_kaizho: pegi la mandii..
fnar_kaizho: huhu
Iqa: jap
fnar_kaizho: no worries..
Iqa: i'l get back to u real soon
fnar_kaizho: i'll be here when u're done..

sumpah ak rindu kau sgt2 ! :(
u're one of my fav. :)
p/s : sorry babe..aku off9 sbb turn aku masak time tuh..takde time kau buzz..huhu. :((
 si nerdy dan si nerdy

Sunday, July 18, 2010

2nd year : semester 2

a new semester.
another new start.
hope this one will be a good one.
insyaAllah ~

i just realized it has been only +- 7 months living here.
because it feels like forever.
oh well,
7 motnhs still a long time though.

dayyuumm. =.=

last semester taught me that i was too busy collecting stones,
and i almost slipped some precious diamonds.

time to fix this.

i seriously need a break.

need to see those familiar, friendly faces.
need to see those loving eyes.
need to listen those heart-warming jokes.
need to hear those comforting voices.

never knew i would miss you guys this much.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Plain #2

i think i need to know
everytime i see you
this thing keeps on echoing in my cluttered mind

'what have i done..?'

it is my fault
for not asking you by myself
but i don't have the strength

and by now
i might just let it be
although i will not be at ease
for hurting a friend's feeling

Sunday, July 11, 2010


All of sudden,

Out of nowhere,

You are treating me coldly.

What’s up with the icy attitude?

I know it’s winter.

But you don’t have to make things freezing in our friendship.

If I had done something wrong, you should tell me.

It’s not right by suddenly giving me that attitude.

You left me puzzled.

I may seem not to care.

But I’m not blind.

I could see.

I could see you’re avoiding me.

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