Monday, August 30, 2010

no more.

 I can feel the gaps are getting deeper.
I can see the walls are getting higher.


I wonder why i just let it be.
No more fighting back.
I don't resist.
No more mending.
No more effort.
Just let it be.

I don't have the strength anymore.

Friday, August 6, 2010



Silence is able to break a heart.

The unspoken words have the power to kill a soul.


It is able to create wonder and doubt.

Thus, making things worst.

Everyone can say their greatest fear is God.

I am second to that.

However, apart from that,

there's one fear I am always afraid of.

It is losing.


It's not losing in games, talking, debating all that kind of stuff.

I don't really care about that.

I'm afraid of losing the people that I love, people that i care.

My family, my bestfriend, my gangs, my friends.

All of them complete my life, they complete my soul.

And I am losing a piece of the puzzles.

Distance is said to be the cause of it.


What could have been wrong?

And now,

I'm losing myself.

I look into the mirror, and I see a stranger.

A stranger, a person I swore I'll never be.

Time to wake up from this nightmare.

But I don't have the will, the power and the strength the get up.


You have succeeded tremendously in killing me.

Thank you.
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